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Cycle Rescue – FAQs


When does my cover start?

Cover is active 24 hours after taking out your policy.

Do you cover electric bicycles?

Yes, we cover any mechanically or electrically assisted bicycle weighing less than 60kg with an output not exceeding 250w/15.5mph.

Are there any significant exclusions?

Cycle Breakdown does not cover:

  • Any costs other than the call-out charge and transportation of you and your bicycle
  • Medical and/or other expenses arising out of injury sustained by you

For a full list of exclusions and limitations please refer to our policy wording.

Do you offer a no-claims discount?

Not for Cycle Rescue– this is offered at a fixed premium of £18 per year.

How many times can I claim on my Cycle Rescue Cover?

We have a commitment never to refuse assistance to an ETA customer; however, there are a few conditions applied to the amount of times you can claim. Should you have more than three call-outs or claims during the policy year, we will ask to see documentary evidence that your bicycle is being properly serviced and maintained. Payment for further call-outs will then be provided at our discretion.

We would never refuse to assist an ETA customer.

Am I covered whilst cycling for work?

Yes. If you are a sole trader or run a fleet of commercial bicycles, it may be worthwhile taking out ETA Cycle Hire Insurance, which covers the bikes against theft and damage, as well as rescue.

If you require assistance

What should I do if I break down?

If you break down in Britain, call 0333 000 1234 (local rate charge from landline or mobile phones).

If you break down in the rest of Europe, call 0044 870 77 44 565.

If you are hard of hearing you can also text us on 07876 577 244.

How does it work?

If your bicycle breaks down, we’ll arrange the recovery of you and your bicycle back to a safe location. This would either be in the form of a local taxi which we would book for you, or one of our breakdown recovery agents.

In the event that we arrange a taxi for you, please ensure that you retain any receipts for claiming back your expenses.

What if I’m unable to pay for a taxi?

Please make our operators aware of this and we will arrange payment directly with the taxi company.

How can I claim back expenses?

Please call us on 0333 000 1234 and we’ll assist you in claiming back your expenses.

Do I need my ETA number when I break down?

Don’t worry if you have broken down and are not sure of your ETA number. We can identify you if you give us your full name and postcode.

How long can I expect to wait for assistance?

Our average response time is 39 minutes. Under our Rapid Response Pledge, if assistance takes more than one hour to reach you, we will pay you £10.

Am I covered if I break down at home?

No. Cycle Breakdown cover begins one mile from your home.

Where will you recover me to?

If you suffer a breakdown to your bicycle (including punctures), which is irreparable at the scene, occurring one mile or more from your home, the ETA undertakes to pay for the transport of the bicycle and you to:

  • the nearest appropriate railway station; or
  • the nearest suitable bicycle repair shop; or
  • the nearest car hire agency; or
  • the nearest overnight accommodation; or
  • your vehicle; or
  • home, if nearer

Is there a maximum distance I can be recovered?

We will cover the costs of recovering you up to a distance of 25 miles. Any recoveries further than this will be subject to additional charges per mile.

Would you cover me for a call-out if I’ve been involved in a road traffic collision?

Yes. If the incident has been caused by a road traffic collision we will cover the costs of recovering you and your bicycle.

Do you cover punctures?

Yes. If you suffer a puncture more than a mile from your home, we’ll cover the costs of recovering you and your bicycle.

Are repair costs covered under my Cycle Rescue Cover?

No. Our Cycle Rescue policy provides cover for recovery costs only.

We offer fully comprehensive Cycle Insurance which covers the costs of repairs and replacement following the theft of, or damage to your bicycle. You can get a quote in seconds by clicking here.

Driving in Europe

Do you offer Cycle Rescue Cover in Europe?

Yes. Cover is extended to include Cycle Rescue for up to 90 days per policy year in all states of the European Union.

Will I get the same level of cover while cycling abroad?

Yes. If your bike breaks down in Europe (including punctures) and is irreparable at the scene, we’ll pay for the transport of the bicycle and you to:

  • the nearest appropriate railway station; or
  • the nearest suitable bicycle repair shop; or
  • the nearest car hire agency; or
  • the nearest overnight accommodation; or
  • your vehicle; or
  • your overseas accommodation, if nearer

Upgrading and cancelling your policy

Are upgrades available on my Cycle Rescue Cover?

No need! Our Cycle Rescue Cover is all inclusive, and provides cover for breakdowns and punctures in Britain and all states of the European Union.

Can I cancel my policy?

We were the first company in Britain to provide Cycle Rescue services, and as such we hope that you are happy with the cover that we provide. You have the right to cancel this policy within 14 days of the start date of the policy without giving any reasons and you will receive a full refund unless a claim has been made. We may keep an amount that reflects the administrative costs of arranging and cancelling the policy.

Should you cancel after 14 days we will credit your ETA customer account with an amount proportionate to the unexpired period remaining on the policy for a maximum of three years after which it will not be recoverable. However should a claim have been made, this credit will not apply.

For full terms and conditions, you can download our Cycle Rescue policy wording.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please call us on 0333 000 1234