Sleeper bus service launched in the land of the car

sleeper bus

Buses in Britain have a poor image largely due to decades of underinvestment and our car-centric culture. However, neither of these factors had prevented the launch of a luxurious inter-city sleeper bus service in the land of the car.

sleeper bus

Cabin is a new bus service between Los Angeles and San Francisco that offers its customers their own bunk as well as a communal rest area. Until Elon Musk’s ambitious Hyperloop is launched as a lightening-quick and clean way to eat up the 380-mile journey, environmentally-concerned travellers will have the option of the sleeper bus service that departs from one city at 11 pm and arrives at its destination at 7 am. The journey time allows users of the Cabin service to enjoy a full night’s sleep and the bus itself to maintain a speed that optimises fuel consumption and minimises emissions.

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