Quicab: Let’s help launch the urban taxi our cities deserve

Quicab pedal powered taxi

Quicab’s extraordinary and brilliant ‘taxi-bike’ has the potential to revolutionise door-to-door serviced travel in London. Everything about it suggests ‘taxi’- its appearance, the sense of being chauffeured swiftly along the urban streets, easing your journey to a critical meeting or to the station or a hotel. Or carrying parcels between offices.

The revolution is the electric-assist cycle. The ‘driver’ pedals; the motor kicks in. The Quicab is narrow and nimble – it fits through tight spaces and on cycle tracks. It goes along roads that are closed to cars and open to cycles. Quite simply – in congested cities, the Quicab gets there more quickly than anything else. It’s a ‘Quick Cab’. That’s it.

Quicab pedal powered taxi

A suggested pledge of between £30 and £50 will maximise our chances of achieving our minimum funding goal of £22,000 – enough to fund and transport one Quicab. Ideally we want more, but that’s up to you!

At the Environmental Transport Association we are proud to be partners in this crowdfund project. The result of your input will be the very first taxi of its kind to operate on London’s streets, performing an important function in a way that makes the best use of London’s streets.

Our organisation was founded on the idea of moving towards a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable transport system which will enable our cities to become places for people above all. We believe the Quicab really fits with our values and yours.

Your experience of the taxi – and we do hope you will sample a ride – will be one of comfort and reliable journey times. The design of the vehicle allows it to go through narrow spaces and wherever cycles are exempted from normal traffic rules. This means more direct journeys and an advantage over motorised traffic. With the Quicab’s rain protection you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill travelling outdoors without getting wet.

Donors of over £30 will have their names listed on a panel – with type size graded and inclusion of business logos etc according to your generosity. We will update the crowdfunder site when we have a better idea of the size of pledges being received.

Visit the crowdfunding page at crowdfunder.co.uk/quicab-e-assisted-cycle-taxis-for-london

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  1. Matt Hodges


    The Quick Cab is a very bad move. If there are any number of them introduced they will just cause congestion on the cycle superhighways and other cycle facilities. They will obstruct proper cycles discouraging people from cycling. Looking at the picture I cannot see that this can possibly comply with the regulations for electric cycles.

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