Stocking filler giveaway: Zpurs


Zpurs is a unique and simple way of carrying your shoes, boots or high heels…or making impromptu Christmas tree decorations.

British firm Neatcleats has developed Zpurs as a simple clipping mechanism for just about every type of shoe that allows you to clip your footwear wherever you like. For those who use cleats, they’re a great way to carry alternative shoes for your destination.

The clever system frees up space in your bag, allows shoes to breathe, helps prevent bacteria growth and stops your bag from getting dirty and smelly.

To be in with a chance of winning a set of Zpurs, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll pick two names next week.

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  1. Carol W


    Ah yes, I’d like to earn my Zpurs 🙂

  2. Jim Woodlingfield


    Zpurfect when traveling to meetings for when I need to swop out of my cycling shoes!

  3. Mark Bobbitt


    With these I really could hang up my boots! Yes please.

  4. Peter Clark


    All my shoes are alternative. I’m an alternative kind of guy

  5. Gavin


    These boots are made for clamping and that’s just what I’ll do – one of these days I’ll clamp these boots to you.

  6. Bryn Jones


    I have trouble carrying footwear & I’ve never heard of such a good thing.

  7. Alan Fletcher


    How cool would these be for holding my stilettos when I cycle into town at the week end and change into Brenda !

  8. Douglas Milsom


    I could make good use of these for my running shoes, especially in the cross country season. (I was going to say that I hoped that I’d win my spurs, but someone beat me to it!)

  9. Robert Nunney


    Very useful for carrying spare shoes so that I can change my clip-on cycle shoes when I get to my destination.

  10. Phil


    When will my comment be picked

  11. Stephen D.


    Interesting product, I like the flexibility.

    Thanks ETA.

  12. Craig


    Fab idea, particularly for wet cycling shoes in need of air to dry. They would have been useful in this last week of commuting! 😰

  13. Gillian


    I would use them for carrying my work shoes on my bike and for keeping my cycling shoes together in the office.

  14. Jamie J



  15. Raf


    These will zpur me on to ride my bike on nights out!

  16. Steve


    With one of these, I could hang almost anything from our Christmas tree!

    Happy Christmas Everyone.


  17. Philip


    Please give a ZSpur to Diane Abacus so she can match her shoes correctly.

  18. Richard Newman


    Can I get a stocking to fill them with as well please?

  19. Sarah


    A set of these would be very useful for carrying my climbing shoes.

  20. Elspeth


    I have a real hang up about tidiness! Sweet idea.

  21. T Deave


    Great for wet cycling shoes! Yes, please.

  22. Chris W


    Great for those spare shoes if you get a puncture

  23. Peter


    Even as an Arsenal fan I’d like a pair of these HotZpurs

  24. Steve


    This would be a SHOE-IN for new bike accessory of the year! 🙂

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