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Cycle Touring Insurance

Cycle Touring

Cycle Travel Insurance from the ETA

We get many inquiries about cycle touring insurance and the good news is that we can indeed offer cycling travel insurance to people planning such trips. Whether you’re planning an adventure along the Pacific Coast Highway or a leisurely trip through the villages and farm trails of Northern Europe, you’ll be in good hands.

Taking your bike abroad

Our Cycle Insurance includes 90 days worldwide travel cover as standard, within one policy year. These do not have to be used all at once – perfect if you are planning a number of shorter cycle tours throughout the year.

During your time abroad you are covered against theft, vandalism and accidental damage to your bicycle. If your bicycle is stolen partway through your tour, we’ll cover the costs of replacement cycle hire, up to £250. We don’t devalue bicycles over time and replace on a new-for-old basis, so that the loss of your bike abroad won’t leave you worse off.

Whilst outside of Britain, the other parts of our policy that apply to you rather than your bicycle, such as personal accident cover and third party cover do not apply. You may find that such insurances are available to you under your travel insurance policy.

Short term touring cycle travel

Our cover is designed to protect you and your bicycle year-round and we do not offer short-term cycle travel insurance policies to cover specific cycle tours. If you’re looking for basic cover for a short trip, ETA Travel Insurance covers bikes up to the value of £1,000 (in the case of annual multi-trip policies) or £500 (in the case of single trip policies).

However, our annual Cycle Insurance policy offers fantastic value and a full year of cover with us is often cheaper than taking out a short-term alternative policy. With our cycle insurance, you’ll be covered back at home too with all the benefits mentioned above as well as third party cover, personal accident cover and Cycle Rescue, our unique cycle breakdown cover service all included.

Security requirements

Our security requirements for cycling abroad are the same as when you are biking around Britain. We ask that you use a Sold Secure-approved lock of the appropriate rating and that you use this to lock your bike through the frame to an immovable object when in a public area. This includes areas where you may be camping while touring – a sturdy tree, post or sign may well be suitable (provided the bike cannot be easily lifted off!). When in public areas, you must not leave your bike unattended for more than 12 hours at a time. If you leave your bike at a train station to which there is public access, it will be covered for up to 24 hours. If being stored within a building, all doors and windows must be kept locked and the bike must not be visible to anyone outside of the building.

For further information about our security requirements,  please read our Lock Requirements, Storage Requirements or Key Facts and Documents pages.