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Cycle Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions

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Locking your bike

Proof of ownership


Making a claim

Claim settlement

Payment and cancellation

Other cycle FAQs

Locking your bike

I already have a lock. Do I need to buy a new one?

If the make and model of your lock is listed on the Sold Secure website then we will accept it if it meets the correct rating of bronze, silver or gold relating to the value of your cycle.

What is the correct rated lock for my cycle’s value?

Bicycles, inclusive of any fixed accessories, that have an insured value of less than £250 require a Bronze rated lock.

Bicycles, inclusive of any fixed accessories, that have an insured value of less than £1,500 require a Silver rated lock.

Bicycles, inclusive of any fixed accessories, that have an insured value of £1,500 or more require a Gold rated rated lock.

Do I need an approved lock if I always keep my bike in my house, garage or shed?

You need only provide ownership of the lock when the bike is stolen or damaged/vandalised whilst locked in a public place or communal hallway. If you never keep your bike in one of these areas and it is kept out of sight in a locked private building, shed or garage, then we will not require proof of ownership of your lock.

Does the bike need to be locked to anything inside a private garage or shed?

No. As long as the garage or shed is locked-  then you will not need to secure your bike when inside.

I live in a flat and leave my bike inside the hallway. Other residents have access, but the main door is locked. Do I need to lock my bike?

Yes. The bike will need to be locked to an immovable object and stored out of sight from the public, if visible from a window or door. As other residents, and possibly members of the public, can gain entry to the building, the bike would not be covered unless it were locked or stored away from external view.

I lock my bike to an immovable object under a shelter within a private residents parking area. Will my bike be covered?

Only if there is a locked gate and fence of at least six feet or 1.8 metres in height surrounding the parking area and blocking public access. However if there is no locked gated entry and/or fence the bike will not be covered if it is left for more than 12 hours.

If I leave my bicycle attached to car roof rack, is it covered?

If the roof rack is properly fitted, and you use a Sold Secure lock of the correct rating, you can leave your bike unattended on your roof rack for up to 12 hours at a time and it will be covered against theft (be aware that if you leave it on the roof rack overnight, a higher excess applies if it is stolen between 1am and 4am). When you carry your bicycle on your car roof rack it is covered against accidental damage.

How often do you deny claims on cycle insurance policies?

We have established a fantastic reputation over more than twenty years for providing reliable and comprehensive cycle insurance and the vast majority of claims are handled quickly and efficiently, without issue. The only time we are unable to pay out is if you are in breach of the security, or other requirements outlined in your policy. To find out the top 5 reasons we have had to refuse claims in the past, and how to avoid them, click here or check your policy document for full exclusions.

Proof of ownership

If I don’t have a receipt for my bike –  what are my options?

We will accept a valuation of your bicycle from a VAT registered cycle shop, bank statements detailing the purchase date and amount, Ebay or Paypal transaction receipts (not confirmation emails), hand-written receipts from the previous owner which are dated and signed, or, if you got your bike through a cycle to work scheme, the accompanying documentation detailing the value and purchase date of your bicycle. We recommend obtaining at least one of these pieces of supporting evidence as soon as you take out your insurance policy. Many of our customers find it convenient to email us a copy of their receipt or other proof of ownership when they take out the policy so that we can attach it to their records.

If I don’t have a receipt for my lock –  what are my options?

We will accept photos of the lock and/or bank statement to show the transaction when the lock was purchased. We recommend that you take photos as soon as you take out the insurance in case the lock is stolen along with the bike, otherwise you might not be able to prove ownership after the theft has taken place. If you are supplying photographs as proof of ownership, you should at the very least be sure to provide one close up showing make and model, and one of it locked to the bike, as you would usually secure it (through the frame). All photographs used in support of a claim should be clearly date stamped.

Where can I find the frame number for my bike?

The frame number can usually be found on the tube that connects your seat pin and your pedals or on the receipt for your bike. It is a relatively long alphanumeric number which the cycle shop you bought the bike from should have a record of too. More info on where to find your bike frame number.

I bought my bike through the Cycle to Work scheme – will I be covered under your insurance?

Yes, many of our cusomers have bought bikes through the Cycle to Work scheme. Although the bicycle technically remains the property of your employer throughout the Cycle to Work scheme, it is your responsibilty to insure it, because if it is stolen you will still have to repay the loan.

Parts and accessories

What parts / accessories are covered under the cycle insurance?

When valuing a bike for cycle insurance, be sure to give the model’s full recommended replacement value, including the value of your Sold Secure-approved bike lock, as well as any relevant fixed accessories.This is equipment added and fixed to the bicycle in addition to the manufacturer’s original specifications, including trailers and passenger carrying trailers. This also includes permanently fixed accessories and parts, such as a saddle, panniers, wheels (including quick release), tyres, bottle holder, pedals and fixed lights.

What parts / accessories are not covered under the insurance?

Parts and accessories not included include drink bottles, bags attached by Velcro, tools secured in Velcro / zipped bags or containers, helmet, pump and clip-on lights. Please get in touch if in doubt.

Making a claim

How do I make a claim?

You can submit your Cycle Hire claim online here.

You will require proof of purchase for both the bike and lock, a VAT-registered trader’s estimate for the cost of repair/replacement, as well as any photographic evidence supporting your claim.

What can be used as proof of ownership?

To ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible, we urge you to keep original receipts for cycles insured with us in a secure place as proof of ownership. We do, however, understand that this is not always possible, and in some circumstances will accept a bank statement showing the withdrawal/transfer of payments, a written valuation from a VAT-registered cycle shop, photographs of your bike or an eBay receipt.

Claim settlement

How do I receive settlement?

We always try to replace your bike for a like-for-like model. If we cannot find an exact replacement we will reimburse you up to the insured value for the nearest like-for-like replacement.

How quickly could my claim be settled?

We can process a claim very quickly – often within 10 working days – if you provide all the correct details and supporting documentation. Failure to provide all the supporting receipts, documents or information, or having to wait for a police report, could significantly delay your claim. Don’t forget that you can claim up to £250 towards the costs of hiring a bicycle if your own bike is off the road following a claim. If you would like to make use of this hire bike benefit, please call us for details.

How much time do I have to submit my claim?

You have 28 days from the date of theft / incident to make your claim. In cases where you are in hospital we ask that you make it as soon as physically possible.

Payment and Cancellation

How do my monthly payments work?

If you choose to pay monthly for your cycle insurance, you will be covered for one month at a time – similar to other products you may be familiar with like Spotify or Netflix. At the end of each month your policy will renew, at which point we will collect your next monthly premium. The agreement you have with us is not a credit agreement, where one years’ cover is split over twelve monthly instalments.

What if I want to cancel my policy?

Here at the ETA we are proud of our market-leading cycle insurance policy and we hope you are happy with the cover it provides. If, however, you wish to cancel for any reason and do so within 14 days of the start date of the policy, you will receive a refund unless a claim has been made. We may retain an amount that reflects the administrative costs of arranging and cancelling the policy. After the 14 day grace period, should you decide to cancel, you will receive an ETA credit on your customer account equivalent to the unexpired period remaining on the policy. This can be used towards other ETA products, including Breakdown, Travel and Carbon Offsets.