Road flares for breakdown protection this summer

road flare for car breakdown

If you’re unlucky to breakdown, common sense dictates you switch on your vehicle’s hazard lights before getting yourself and your passengers to a place of safety while you wait for recovery. LED road flares offer an additional way of minimising the risk of your vehicle being struck by an inattentive driver.

At just 10cm in diameter and 3.5cm high, the Nordstrand Emergency LED Flares are small enough to keep in your driver’s door. In fact, they’re so small and light, you can carry them while cycling or hiking. The flare emits a full 360° of ultra-bright light that it is claimed can be seen up to 10 miles away.

road flares for car breakdown

The emergency flare is shock, vibration, and water-resistant and it can be used in three ways. Placing it on the ground allows the flare to work like a lighthouse illuminating the surrounding road surface. Alternatively, its magnetic base allows it to be stuck to any metallic surface such as your car’s bodywork. Finally, a hook allows it to be suspended if need be.

Win a set of road flares

We have a set of three road flares to give away. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll pick a winner next week.

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  1. Lawrence


    It would be really handy to have a set of these.

  2. Peter


    I always knew flares would come back into fashion!

  3. Rue


    Everybody hopes that they don’t need to use them but it still would be handy to have a set 🙂

  4. Jane Collier


    These would be brilliant especially if alone and in a remote area.

  5. Brian D


    The ‘need to be seen’ is paramount.

  6. Darren Collard


    Oh they’re lights!
    I was expecting some 1970’s style trousers, but updated in hi-viz material.

  7. Rory Harkins


    Great idea

  8. Jim Woodlingfield


    Would be a great addition to the audax emergency kit.

  9. Steve S


    Cool lights. White ones would be cool to.

  10. Greg


    And let there be light…..

  11. Carol W


    Beam me up, Scotty 🙂

  12. Su


    These are brilliant – I’d feel so much safer with these if I was stranded at the roadside.

  13. Richard


    Bright idea

  14. Chris Bromwich


    Looks a brilliant “tool” to keep in the vehicle. Both mine and my wife’s vehicles are no where near new and my wife is a flower arranger demonstrator which takes her off to distant places and on a number of occasions her vehicle has broken down, in the dark, on the way back. These look to be really useful in highlighting the stationary car until help arrives.

  15. Brian Hackman


    I think these flare are really important for night breakdowns whether you are in the car or on a bike.

  16. Steve


    Brilliant idea! Anything which helps to make the roads safer has to be good.

  17. Toby James


    Great addition to any car or situation

  18. helen


    Small is beautiful.

  19. steve


    There was once a man with no cares
    Who one night experienced the stuff of nightmares
    Whilst looking to park
    He broke down in the dark
    And wished he’d had Nordstrand Emergency LED Flares

  20. Elspeth


    Great idea. I can envisage they have many uses, not all of them with a car.

  21. Craig Young


    Very BRIGHT idea these…… 😆

  22. Miss S E McQueen


    Set off on a journey,
    Got a flat tyre,
    Darkness around me,
    Situation quite dire.

    Waiting for help
    Battery went flat,
    No way to warn
    Of where I am at.

    Then I remembered
    I can take care,
    I’ve got my Norstrand
    Emergency Flare !

    But where did I put them?
    Oh where, oh where?
    Put my hand in the glove-box
    And located them there.

    So small, so neat
    And now that they’re lit,
    Keep me so visible
    So I won’t get hit.

    [At least, this could be true if I only had a set].
    Defo think these Nordstrand Emergency LED Flares are a great idea, far more visible and easier to carry than a triangle. Great for cyclists and vehicle users, and pedestrians too (in case of injury off the beaten track).

  23. Fergus


    What a brilliant solution to the problem!

  24. Stephen


    Light me up ETA!

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  25. Stephen Conrad


    A brilliant idea- would love to have one.

  26. Sarah


    A bright addition to our emergency kit, helping to keep us and the children safe.

  27. Mark B


    I didn’t think I’d ever want flares again but you’ve proved me wrong!

  28. Mooch


    These would be very handy to take out (in case of emergency) when hillwalking too!

  29. Stuart Young


    So good that they are small enough for cyclists to carry….illuminating!

  30. Andy


    Shine on

  31. Peter Chisnall



  32. Gillian


    I would really love to give one of these a go; 10 miles visibility is incredible!

  33. James Russell


    Great idea. Had something similar in the 1970’s, but didn’t take off.

  34. Pat


    Love to have one of these. Having broken down on the M40, with two kids and a dog – terrified of being hit by a lorry, I can really see the benefit of these.

  35. Chris Wrigley


    Excellent idea

  36. Andrew Harmsworth


    What a brilliant idea!

  37. Mike Croker


    Shockingly bright idea!

  38. brian crockett


    Safety first is important for all road users……

  39. Christopher Kubale


    I could do with one of these for my dog when lost at night , sitting silently by a visiting hedgehog and refusing to respond to my calls.

  40. Julia


    A reassuring device!

  41. Rob Harris


    Looks like a great idea, should be particularly usefull in rural lanes where visibility around tight bends is a problem.



    These look excellent – frankly I’m terrified of breaking down on a Smart Motorway and unable to get to one of the escape lay-bys – there have been too many accidents with people having to stop in the “slow” lane…I have been considering buying a set of something like these but would like to give some to my sons as well as they travel motorways with wives and kids on board…

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