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Carbon Offsets

ETA Carbon Offsets for driving, flying, utilities & citizenship

  • Carbon-neutral driving
  • Carbon-neutral home
  • FREE certificate for investments over £5
  • Carbon-neutral flying
  • Carbon-neutral citizenship
  • Investments in Gold Standard projects only

Why offset?

Carbon offsetting allows us to account for carbon emissions arising from our lifestyles. Through investing in carbon-reducing projects around the world, we can prevent and reduce further carbon emissions and support work towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Customers making investments greater than £5 receive a free commemorative certificate.

Become carbon-neutral with the ETA

Compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting projects around the world that reduce carbon emissions at the same time as improving people’s lives. Your investment will only go to Gold Standard offset projects carefully selected by climate and development experts, ClimateCare.  Our carbon offset calculator will allow you to offset your driving, flying and utilities.

Our customers have already helped us carbon offset almost 10,000 tons of carbon. As a business, we’ve been carbon-neutral since 2002. What are you waiting for?

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