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European breakdown cover

Single-trip cover for your van, motorcycle or car

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Our comprehensive policy includes:

  • Short-term cover up to 31 days
  • English speaking helplines available 24/7
  • Roadside assistance & recovery
  • Overnight accommodation for all passengers
  • Car/motorbike hire up to £60 per day
  • Repatriation if your vehicle can't be fixed

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For short-term driving trips in Europe, ETA Single-trip European Breakdown Cover offers the best value for money on the market.

With English-speaking helplines and assistance available 24/7 you can rest assured that help is at hand should you break down abroad.

Providing that your vehicle is less than 20 years old, and your trip is no longer than 31 days in total, then you’re eligible for cover.

What’s covered?

Whilst in Europe:

  • Up to one hour’s free labour at the roadside
  • Recovery to a single destination, OR
  • The cost of one night’s accommodation for you and your passengers up to £60 per person OR
  • The cost of public transport for you and your passengers to reach your destination OR
  • Car hire for up to 14 days to a maximum of £60 per day
  • If your vehicle cannot be repaired within 72 hours we will arrange for it to be repatriated to your home
  • Transportation costs for you and your passengers to return home separately from your vehicle and also for one person to return to it once it has been repaired

Whilst in Britain:

  • Up to one hour’s free labour at the roadside
  • Recovery to a single destination, OR
  • One night’s accommodation while the vehicle is repaired at a maximum of £60 per person, OR
  • Onward travel for you and your passengers to complete your journey, and a return journey for one person to collect the repaired car, OR
  • Car hire for up to 5 days to a maximum of £40 per day whilst your vehicle is being repaired

Please note, this single-trip European policy does not cover you for auto repair which is only included with purchases of annual breakdown cover.

Please see policy wording for full details of features, benefits and key exclusions of single-trip European Breakdown.

Planning more than one trip?

To know which European breakdown cover policy is best for you, first consider how often you travel abroad. If you regularly drive outside of Britain, you could get cheap European breakdown cover by taking out an annual breakdown cover policy (covers up to 90 days in Europe per policy year).

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