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Van Breakdown Cover

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Why choose us?

With a nationwide fleet of over 5,000 breakdown trucks and more than 28 years’ experience under our belt, you can trust our 24-hour service to keep your van moving.

We handpick only the best local mechanics and garages around Britain to send out if you break down. We believe this way of working is efficient, environmentally friendly and helps support local communities and economies, too.

On top of this, we offset the carbon emissions of the recovery trucks that go out to assist you, reducing the impact your breakdown has on our environment. We also support the ETA Trust, a charity we set up in 1994 to campaign for a safer, cleaner transport future.

Do you use your van for personal use? Get breakdown cover for your van from £39 per year

Do you need van breakdown cover for business use?

Our fleet breakdown cover provides the best value for businesses owning multiple vans. We offer one fully comprehensive package at a great rate, so you’ll never have to think twice about what’s covered.
We know how company vans come and go, so we make it easy for you to add and remove vehicles with no more than a quick call or email.

Find out more about ETA Fleet Breakdown Cover

What size vans do we cover?

We cover vans up to and including

  • Maximum gross laden weight: 3.5t
  • Vehicle length (overall): 5.19m
  • Width: 1.91m
  • Height: 2.43m

For reference, the Ford Transit MWB medium roof, and equivalent-sized Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Trafic or Master, or Vauxhall Vivaro and Movano vans fall within these limits.

Building a level of cover that best suits you

Roadside Assistance:

If your van breaks down or is involved in a collision, we’ll send a qualified mechanic to give up to one hour of free labour at the roadside. If we cannot get you moving, we’ll take your vehicle and all its occupants up to 15 miles to the nearest suitable garage. This core service is available from less than £40 per van per year.

  • We fix 80% of faults at the roadside, with an average callout time of 39 minutes
  • Trailer/Caravan recovery included as standard
  • We guarantee to find you a suitable repairer, even if this means arranging a second next-day recovery free of charge
  • Covers breakdowns caused by lost, snapped or stolen keys, running out of fuel and filling up with the wrong fuel
  • Road Traffic Collisions covered
  • 24-hour service, 365 days a year

The following options can then be added in any combination:

Van National Recovery

If we cannot get you moving the same day, we’ll transport you and your passengers to one destination in Britain or provide onward travel to complete your journey and a return journey for the driver to collect the van once it’s repaired.

Home Rescue

Home cover includes all the benefits offered by our breakdown cover (see above) if you break down at the address you have registered with us.

Hotel or Van Hire

If we cannot get your van moving the same day, we’ll provide you and your passengers with one night’s accommodation (up to £60 per person). Alternatively, van hire for up to five days (up to £40 per day) while your own vehicle is being repaired.


Our Europe option extends any features and benefits chosen from the list above to all states of the European Union for up to 90 days.

We cover Austria, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden as well as Norway, Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City.

If your van cannot be repaired within 72 hours, we will arrange for it to be repatriated.

Alternatively, we’ll reimburse reasonable transportation costs for you and your passengers to return home separately and also for one person to return for the van once it has been repaired.

Single-Trip European Van Breakdown Cover

We also offer European breakdown cover for vans on a pay-as-you-go basis. This type of policy allows you to buy a comprehensive level of cover for a single trip lasting from between one and 31 days.

A European single-trip breakdown policy of this type covers you the minute you start your trip; if you break down on your way to the coast, it includes up to one hour’s free labour at the roadside, plus:

  • Recovery to one single destination in Britain, or
  • One night’s accommodation while the van is repaired at a maximum of £60 per person,


  • Onward travel for you and your passengers to complete your journey and a return journey for the driver to collect the repaired van, or
  • Van or car hire for up to 5 days to a maximum of £40 per day whilst your van is being repaired.

Once on the continent, European single-trip breakdown includes the benefits listed above with the following extensions:

  • Van or car hire for up to 14 days to a maximum of £60 per day
  • We will arrange for your van to be repatriated if it cannot be repaired within 72 hours or,
  • We will cover transportation costs for you and your passengers to return home separately from your van and also for one person to return to collect your vehicle once it has been repaired.