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Vehicle Inspections

Provided by DEKRA

The ETA has teamed up with DEKRA Vehicle Inspections to help you make an informed decision when buying a second hand car.

What is a DEKRA vehicle inspection?

A professional DEKRA vehicle inspection engineer checks the car for roadworthiness and lets the buyer know of any problems.

Why should I buy a DEKRA vehicle inspection?

Few people have the expertise to distinguish a mechanically-sound car from one which could cause future problems and expense. A fully-qualified DEKRA engineer can be sent to carry out an inspection and provide a detailed report, helping you avoid damaged cars, write-offs, stolen cars and ‘cut-n-shuts’ (two cars welded together).

What does your vehicle inspection include?

  • Guaranteed confidentiality and impartiality
  • Fixed rates for vehicle inspections – No hidden extras
  • Verbal report the same day as the vehicle inspection
  • Vehicle inspections carried out at any garage, office car park or private address (with off-road, level and hard standing)
  • Quick response times subject to the vehicle/vendor availability. Reports sent as soon as practically possible by email or post
  • We provide free initial advice – without any obligation

Vehicles we inspect

We provide a wide range of inspections vehicle’s type, engine size and age. The inspections are available for cars, vans and motorhomes.

What’s inspected?

The items covered in each inspection vary depending upon the vehicle and its age. As a minimum, every inspection covers the following items:

  • Roadworthiness
  • Mechanical and main electrical function
  • Road test
  • Checks for previous body repairs

Need breakdown cover?

For twenty eight years we’ve been providing reliable, affordable breakdown cover. Cover starts at just £39.

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