Mini-Holland schemes boost cycling and walking

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A scheme to boost cycling in London has been shown to increase walking as well as the number of cyclists.

The so-called Mini-Holland scheme allocated a pot of £100m between three London Boroughs to demonstrate the benefits of proper funding for sustainable transport.

Research by Dr Rachel Aldred of Westminster University found that after one year, people living in Waltham Forest, Enfield and Kingston were walking and cycling for 41 minutes a week more than those living in comparable areas. Crucially, this includes new uptake of cycling, not just existing cyclists riding more.

The research studied the travel patterns of over 1,700 people in the three mini-Holland areas and compared them with residents from other outer London boroughs that had not seen such changes.

Interestingly, the research also found the benefits of the scheme to be consistent across demographic and socioeconomic groups. Opponents have previously claimed that cycle infrastructure tends to be used by a disproportionately high number of white, middle-class people.

This year we are proud to be continuing our work in support of the Go Cycle project in Kingston, one of three councils in London to benefit from the TfL Mini Hollands grant. Kingston is using its share of the grant to make dramatic improvements for cyclists across the borough including segregated lanes and re-designed junctions as well as soft measures such as travel planning, cycle training and bicycle loan schemes. We have been helping to deliver a mobile cycling hub to town centres, schools, businesses and community centres across the borough.

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