Heatwave hacks: The bottle shower

plastic bottle shower

With temperatures expected to soar this weekend, we are giving away a bottle shower – a rose attachment that twists into place on all narrow neck plastic bottles. When the bottle is upturned, the device delivers a constant flow of water without any need for squeezing. A two-litre bottle holds enough water for a shower lasting almost two-and-a-half minutes and water left in a plastic bottle in the sun can become surprisingly hot.

As well as a camp shower, we think it would be great for rinsing hands and feet on the beach or washing dog paws after a muddy walk.

bottle shower

If you have to buy a plastic bottle of water, the best thing to do with it is re-use it.

Win a bottle shower

We have a Bottleshower to give away. Leave a message at the bottom of the page letting us know how you’d use one and we’ll pick a winner next week.

  • Shower head that fits most water bottles
  • 2 litre bottle delivers a 2-minute, 24-second shower
  • Comes complete with a hanging cord
  • Includes a Loc-Top bag for storage

Why it’s important to reduce, reuse and recycle

If you include power plant cooling water, it takes seven litres of water simply to manufacture a one-litre bottle. To that environmental cost you can add the 162g of oil required to make the plastic, all the associated CO2 emissions and the millions of tons of land fill or ocean waste to which the bottled water industry contributes.

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  1. johnny faro


    Perfect for a little post ride spruce up, I had better get the third bottle holder fitted back on the bike.

  2. Elizabeth Rhys


    Coolbot! This is no ordinary throw away plastic bottle … attach the shower head and this is a reusable planet friendly coolbot shower bottle. What a great idea. Save water, save energy, reuse that plastic bottle, and stay cool. Bottle up everyone!

  3. Christopher Kubale


    Perfect for gardening , grandchildren and dogs . Could even fill it from the rainwater butt for greater sustainability .

  4. Peter Clark


    I’d use one to cool off on long bike rides

  5. Claire H


    An amazing invention! I’d use it to cool off after the Prudential Ride London100 mile race in August, it would be more rewarding than a medal!

  6. Stuart Young


    Camping in the Outer Hebrides…perfect for a wild camp

  7. Jill


    A brilliant idea to use after long bike rides, cooling the dog on walks and for washing hands.

  8. Jamie J


    Would definitely add it to the camping kit for the long distance summer tour…

  9. James


    Excellent idea.

  10. Andy


    Perfect after a long, hot day on the hill.

  11. James Russell


    Or just go outside on an average British summer day?

  12. Anthony


    I was watching lawn-mower racing on a dry, dusty field; everyone got a good brown dusting. Then came award giving in the marquee, and a surprise heavy shower. Those with nouse got their faces under where the rain was bucketing off the marquee.
    With the bottle shower I wouldn’t need to trust a passing cloud!

  13. Steve lavin


    Would kove to try at the lockn music festival upcoming in august.

  14. Paul Smith


    way back in 2015 two of us cycled from England to Gibralter with full camping gear. (see f/b The Curious Cycists) We had a shower every day with my home made shower bottle, as in our photo’s. We had to keep squeezing my bottle to keep a flow. It did make one ltr of water go further though.. And so i’d love to try your product on my future camping expedition’s..

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