Let’s pay a £10 bounty per prosecuted motorist

mobile phone behind wheel

With over 10,000 law-breaking motorists already reported to the Metropolitan police courtesy of footage uploaded via its online portal, could this scheme be sent viral by paying those doing the reporting £10 per successful prosecution?

For example, mobile phone use by drivers is now endemic and in many cases this potentially deadly behaviour is flagrant despite a penalty of six penalty points. If those submitting footage of drivers using a mobile phone behind the wheel (or any other motoring offence) were to be paid £10 per successful prosecution, offending rates might quickly plummet.

The more successful this approach became, and as a result, the fewer law-breaking motorists there were to spot, the higher the reward paid could become. Such a scheme could be entirely self-financing with all administration and reward payments being paid for by an additional find levied on those prosecuted.

Over 10,000 reports of illegal driving have been submitted using this online portal

With the number of cash-strapped teenage camera phone users in our towns and cities, a £10 bounty could see offending rates for crimes such as using a mobile behind the wheel plummet.

Metropolitan police online reporting portal 

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  1. trevor brooker


    Good concept, but having used the Kent Police online reporting I was told that video evidence was insufficient proof for a successful prosecution. It must be observed by a Police officer or recorded by an official camera that is Court approved.

  2. Philip


    £10 for a successful prosecution?

    I don’t think so….

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