Zpurs: A spur to organised footwear


Zpurs is a unique and simple way of transporting your shoes, boots or high heels however you travel.

British firm Neatcleats has developed Zpurs as a simple clipping mechanism for just about every type of shoe that allows you to clip your footwear wherever you like. For those who use cleats, they’re a great way to carry alternative shoes for your destination.

The clever system frees up space in your bag, allows shoes to breathe, helps prevent bacteria growth and stops your bag from getting dirty and smelly. You can order a set of Zpurs via Kickstarter for only £13 and we have two to give away.

To be in with a chance of winning a set of Zpurs, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll pick two names next week.


With 11 Tour de France stage wins to his name, Andre Greipel knows a thing or two about cycling gear. Seen here with his Zpur…

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  1. Stephen


    I like to keep my kit tidy and my rule is: “A place for everything, everything in its place!”.

    This would make a great, new place for my shoes please.

  2. Elspeth D.


    I really like the flexibility of this design, as it would seem to suit all types of shoes and not depend on cleat type.

  3. Gillian


    What a SUPER idea, particularly for wet shoes.

    Thanks to ETA!



    My wife would really appreciate it if I could win one of these and get tidier. 🙂

  5. Mark B


    Great idea. I’d love one

  6. Carol W


    Nice. Would be like the Marie Kondo of cycling.

  7. Jim Woodlingfield


    Would really help with somewhere to put my shoes when I’m cycling to meetings. Fingers (and toes) crossed.

  8. Alan Jones


    Perfect for the beach 😆

  9. Rory Harkins


    Very smart

  10. Brian Dorsett


    I’d love some zpurs to hold my iron (steel) horse shoes.

  11. Rob


    Looks perfect for carrying a spare pair of shoes on my tours.

  12. Tommy Knowland


    I like the idea of being footloose and fancy free

  13. Gordon May


    Perfect for hanging up when abroad to stop scorpions and snakes crawling in overnight. Normally I have to tie the shoelaces to something!

  14. Pete


    Send a set to me and I’ll replicate the Andre Greipel pose!

  15. Gary


    I could really do with these – doing a JoGLE ride next month so these will be very useful !

  16. Phil


    I’ll take some

  17. Mark


    There must be loads of uses for these, inspired design, thanks ETA.


  18. Susan Bower


    I should have thought of this great device myself with my smelly feet.

  19. Simon Randall


    What a great way to keep my humming running shoes away from the rest of the stuff in my bag!

  20. Steve


    The product looks wonderful, but the Andre Greipel pose is the winner for me! 😂

  21. Iain Shanks


    Simple but clever idea. I like it.

  22. David Beacham


    ooh yes please!

  23. Patrik


    Even if I win, not sure you’ll get me in jeans shorts. As a keen runner and cyclist often got trainers tied to a small running rucksack

  24. Ema


    No shoes in the rucksack this way 🙂

  25. Andy Brown


    Harry up and draw, I’m Keane to win my set of Zpurs!

  26. Andy Brown


    Harry up and draw, I’m uber-Kane to win my Zpurs !

  27. Boyd N


    If good enough for ‘The Gorilla’ they’re more than good enough for me!!

  28. Finalrentals


    Awesome and simple idea!

  29. Tim


    Endoplasmic reticulum.

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