Win a green clean for your bicycle

green bicycle cleaning kit

This time of year is hard on the commuter bicycle, but help is at hand with this bike cleaning kit from Green Oil.

Road grime and mud contribute to the wear and tear of drivetrain and other systems on your bike so cleaning becomes a ritual that’s especially important in winter months. Helping to ensure that bike cleaning remains as environmentally benign as possible is Green Oil, a British company that claims to make the world’s greenest bicycle maintenance products.

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Green Oil has been fighting the use of carcinogenic PTFE and petrochemical pollution and the harm they can do in a workshop environment, in your garage, and to the rivers and seas for over a decade. The company uses recycled (not just recyclable) plastic in its bottles and plant-based fully biodegradable formulas.

Included in the bumper cleaning kit that we are giving away are two bottles of  Green Oil Wet Chain Lube, two bike armour anti-rub plates, eco bike cleaner, degreaser jelly, an EcoRag cleaning cloth, Ecogrease and an FSC certified bicycle brush. The packaging tub includes a seed pack so you can use it to grow your own vegetables when you are finished with the cleaning products.

To enter the draw to win the £85 cleaning kit, simply leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll pick a name at random next week.

green oil bicycle cleaning kit

Protect your bicycle this winter

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ETA cycle insurance has a low excess and offers new-for-old for life – however old the bike, if it’s stolen you get enough to buy a new model. Furthermore, every cycle insurance policy you buy from us helps support the work of the ETA Trust, our charity campaigning for a cleaner, safer transport future.




  1. Wolf Simpson


    Sweet, didn’t know such stuff existed.

  2. Ash Schultz


    Didn’t know green products existed for bike specific cleaning…really good to know, even if I don’t bag the freebie! I’ll spread the word 😉

  3. Lisa Clark


    I’d love to get some environmentally friendly cleaning products for my bike, safe for the environment and safe for me.

  4. Ruth


    This looks great, I’d love to use it.

  5. Harry Fowler


    Just what I need for my bike after riding through my local country lanes in this weather!

  6. MARK


    Perfect time of year for one of these, my trusty stead is looking a smidge grubby!

    Thanks ETA.

  7. Stephen D.


    Never seen this stuff before, fab idea for people committed to green transportation like us cyclists.


  8. craig


    Love the name “Green Oil”, very memorable with a superb objective.

  9. Gillian


    Really hope this stuff works as well as it promises, it is a GREAT idea. Good luck to this company, you have my support!

    I’d love to try it out PLEASE ETA.


  10. Alison


    This looks great!

  11. Paul


    I know a bike that needs a good clean!

  12. Steve


    Definitely the way to go for bike maintenance

  13. Elspeth


    Hubbie tells me I’m a bit green when it comes to cleaning my filthy bicycle, but with one of these I’ll be able to agree!! 😉

  14. johnny faro


    Cool idea, making bikes even greener!

  15. Jean


    I knew such things existed and got some from my bike shop. But the whole package would be good to have for the three bikes in the household. Best of luck to everybody.

  16. Max


    My bike and the environment would love it

  17. Supersue


    Am a clean freak so with the aid of this kit I can really go to town and polish up my old roadster and be environmentally friendly at the same time!

  18. Richard Scrase


    I don’t remember what colour my bike is under all the grot … Yes please

  19. Fiona McLuckie


    Sounds good

  20. Steve Green


    It doesn’t get any better than this!

  21. Vincent Procter


    I’m a clean(ish) green(ish) cycling machine and I could do with some green products for my bike,please.

  22. Carol W


    Can’t beat a green clean 🙂

  23. Allan McLaughlin


    My green bikes are desperate for the Green Oil cleaning products!

  24. Pete


    Yeah! Great kit to clean the bike in a sustainable and environmental way.
    Makes me almost want to clean the crud off my bike as soon as it gets dirty!!

  25. Hugh


    This is really, really good! A high quality, environmentally friendly product made in Britain.

  26. Malcolm Liddle


    Now the road salt spreaders are back in action we all need a bit of classy cleaning

  27. sara garside


    Green oil is fab, genuinely eco friendly. Would be absolutely fabulous to win a full set ,then my husband can spend even more time outside cleaning our bikes !
    Thank you

  28. John Fletcher


    What a great idea! I pride myself on using my ultra-green bikes whenever I can, but keeping the wheels turning smoothly has required the use of environmental nasties. Until now. Yes please!

  29. Mark Bobbitt


    I could really do with this. The tractors are out in force at the moment!

  30. Peter Chisnall



  31. Jim Woodlingfield


    A clean bike with a clean conscience!

  32. Pete


    I’m voting GREEN!

  33. Paul Miller


    Oooh this looks great. Yes please ETA.

  34. David Gray


    If it gets the muck of I’ll use it!

  35. Robert Nunney


    I love Green Oil, it’s green and clean!

  36. robert p Griffiths-garrod


    off road riding has left my mtb resembling a bog monster- so yes please.

  37. Nadine


    I’ve been looking out for green bike cleaning stuff, so it’s great to see that it exists!

  38. Howard Woods


    Oh dear! If I win, I will have to clean the bike.

  39. Guy


    I’ve been looking for something like this for a while – great idea

  40. Pat Hagen


    What a great idea

  41. Gary McMahon


    A Christmas present for my bike! I’ll be sure to wrap it up and put it under the tree 🙂

  42. Philip Thompson


    I’ve been a fan of Green Oil for a while. This cleaning kit will be really useful.

  43. Trish


    My partner would love it x

  44. Bryn


    BRIGHT idea!

  45. Karl Wallendszus


    About time my bike had a good clean-up.

  46. Jamie Johnson


    Yep, I care about the environment more than I care for the bike…

  47. Darren C


    Would love to be even more environmentally sensitive, not just by riding my bike all year but through it’s maintenance too.

  48. Ema A


    Good idea, great for the bike and great for the environment. 🙂

  49. Boyd N


    Looks a great way to keep the bike clean with a product I didn’t know existed.

  50. Toity


    Love it. It would help to get the salty water/air from the bike – I cycle over the Severn Bridge and down the sea wall of the Severn.

  51. Georgina


    I cycle along and park my bike next to the Thames so even if I don’t win this package I’ll be buying Green Oil in the future to make sure I don’t contribute to harmful substances entering the river. I also love the fact that this package even comes with seeds to grow plants!

  52. Richard Newman


    “I always cook my green eggs and ham in green oil.” – Dr Seuss

  53. Douglas Milsom


    This stuff is REALLY NEEDED

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