ETA: Our custom bikes 2009-2019

ETA custom bikes

They’ve earned two Guinness World Records, television appearances around the world and over one million views on YouTube; the ETA’s custom bikes are more than a chance for us to have fun publicising our name – each project has helped us highlight a particular issue that faces cyclists.

Our custom bicycles from ETA on Vimeo.

The Guinness World Record-winning Hornster and its train horn was designed to raise awareness of the inattentiveness of drivers on the roads. The Gritter Bike highlighted the need to maintain cycle infrastructure – each has its own story.

Halloween bicycle

Insurance for custom bikes

If you ride something a little unusual and want to insure it against theft and damage, give us a call. As custom builders ourselves we understand your needs – that’s why we allow you to insure your custom bike for it’s replacement value (ie. someone else rebuilds it) or the sum of its parts (you build your own replacement bike). All the other benefits of ETA cycle insurance like third party cover, Cycle Rescue and accessories cover etc remain included as standard. Whatever you ride, get an instant quote.

ETA cycle insurance


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